Practicum Streams

Students spend 12 hours a week with a Freedom House Team Lead where they gain firsthand experience in a desired Stream. The Streams are structured around core Freedom House ministry teams with the  goal to develop students' gifts and talents within specific aspects of the organization.  Here are the Streams you can choose from:


Next Gen

Students will have the opportunity to learn all aspects of ministry pertaining to the next generation including, public speaking, volunteer management, leadership development, curriculum development, event preparation and execution, and service production.



Students in this stream will have the opportunity to learn practical pastoral care tactics, successful LifeGroup launch and management, leadership development and empowerment, team building, systems and structures, budget planning, and more.



Students will have full access to state-of-the-art technology as they experience hands-on training where they will be coached in how to successfully navigate all avenues of the creative process. They'll learn what it takes to lead a worship team, create worship sets, music directing, songwriting, team leadership, and more.