Why Intern at Freedom House?

The Freedom House Internship is dedicated to equipping you as a young leader, to find and execute your unique purpose. You will be included in a community of mentors and leaders that believe and encourage you to towards all that you can achieve. Become apart of the team here.


INternship Details

Interns are matched with Team Leads according to their interests and skill sets. They spend 25 hours a week with their Team Leads observing and learning within their chosen area of ministry. Interns can join at the beginning of each semester, or for a shorter period of time over the summer months.

First year interns rotate twice a semester within their stream to gain knowledge and experience with a wide range of areas.  

Second year interns elect with team they want to serve on and are giving full authority to take ownership of their chosen area. Interns are given the opportunity as second years to lead other interns and FH volunteers during the week and during weekend services. 

Third year interns return by invitation to complete a term which likens that of a staff member where great responsibility is placed on interns to manage an area independently. 

Summer interns simply pick an area of interest and stay with the same team throughout the summer months.

Certificate of Ministry and Leadership

Freedom House Church offers a Certificate of Ministry and Leadership (CML) for those participating in Freedom House Internship (separate from SEU). This will provide interns with practical leadership training that will prepare them to launch a successful future in ministry or the marketplace. As an intern, you will be fully prepared by the pastors at Freedom House Church and world-class instructors. Each int has the opportunity to get on-the-field training and experience to gain expertise in a specific area of ministry while also being developed as a leader. The certificate is a two-year program and allows you to apply for a third year apprenticeship.